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Last week

Last week I began with the first recording of a new song: "Bricks in the wall". This song is written for a friend of mine. She has found someone new and is so happy with him. But before she met this guy she had a rough time and wrote a few words about it. So I asked her if it would be alright to make a song out of it. And so I did. I sent it to her and she loved it.    

Yesterday  I ended last week with a nice performance at "de Vorstin" in Hilversum. For the first time I performed with a colleague of mine, Frans Hoogland.  We only had a couple of hours to practice, so it took some getting used, but in itself  it was pretty good. Also I hade a small gig last week during a New Year Reception of one of the companies I work with.  At a certain moment I lost the text of  Dylan's "Make you feel my love" and  of the attendees took over and what a beautiful voice she has!. I immediately invited her to perform with me some other time.

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