Ronald Günther, singer-songwriter - Music from the heart

16 January, De Engelenbak, Amsterdam 
3 March, Café Oomstee, Zandvoort 
24 March, Folkcafé Lantaern, Zevenaar 
31 March, Fiddler's Irish Pub, Heemskerk 
4 April, Provadja, Alkmaar 
9 June, Cultureel Café Camille, Beverwijk 
26 June, Reumafonds, Amsterdam 
21 September, Folkclub Twente, Enschede 
18 October, Podium Storm, Amstelveen 
4 December, Open Podium, Alkmaar 

8 January, De Engelenbak, Amsterdam 
2 March, Café Lokaal, Heemskerk 
16 March, Café Lef, Amsterdam 
28 March, ABC Tree House, Amsterdam
9 April, Radio, Amsterdam Wordt Wakker, Amsterdam FM
16 April, Polanentheater, Amsterdam
27 April, Witte Theater, IJmuiden
2 May, Radio, Amsterdam Wordt Wakker, Amsterdam FM
1 June, Café Lef, Amsterdam
11 July, ABC Treehut, Den Haag
20 July, Cafe Lokaal Vredebreuk, Den Haag
24 July, Paradiso, Amsterdam
14 August, Cafe Briljant, Haarlem
19 September, Open Podium Ypenburg, Den Haag
30 September, Café Favoriet (Laktheater), Leiden
9 November, KHL, Amsterdam, with Sanna Songbird and Marcel Luntungan
18 December, Tricky Theater, Amsterdam, with Marcel Luntungan

4 January, Cafe Vlaanderen, Delft
11 January, Nivon Federatie, Rotterdam, with Sebastiaan Tampinongkol and Marcel Luntungan
13 February, Theater Camuz, Leidschendam
5 May, Theater Engelenbak, Amsterdam, with Sebastiaan Tampinongkol and Marcel Luntungan
9 June, muziekcafe de Flapcan, Haarlem
20 June, Muziekcafe de Lantaern, Zevenaar, with Sebastiaan Tampinongkol and Marcel Luntungan 
2 July, Cafe de Peuk, Bussum - with my band Decennium
3 September, De Spiegeltent, Zevenaar
13 September, Filmhuis, Zevenaar with Marcel Luntungan
20 September, Nivon Federatie Rotterdam with Marcel Luntungan
13 December, Cafe Lokaal, Heemskerk, with Decennium

7 March, Theetuin, Soest, with Decennium
28 Marc, Funen Concerts, Amsterdam, with Decennium
10 April, Dok Leescafé Live, Delft, with Marcel and Steve Luntungan
30 April, Funen Concerts, Amsterdam, with Decennium and Charlotte Zwijssen
21 June. Open Podium, School of Education, Hogeschool INHolland, Amsterdam
11 September, Czaar Peter Festival, Amsterdam with Charlotte Zwijssen
25 Oktober, El Fayoum, Egypte, Jamsession at a Weddingparty

7 February, CC Muziekcafé Amsterdam 
30 March, Café Lokaal Heemskerk
16 April, Open dag Muziekschool Heemskerk
5 June, Aan de Zaan, Zaandam
16 June, Café Cool, Heerhugowaard
18 June, Folkcafé de Lantaern, Zevenaar
21 June, Open Podium, Domein OLL, Hogeschool INholland, Amsterdam
29 June, Café Lokaal, Heemskerk
15 December, Afsluiting Muziekschool Heemskerk
22 December, Cd recording, Studio Marcel Luntungan, Bussum

22 January, Poppodium Victorie, Alkmaar
25 January, Huize St.Agnes, Heemskerk
16 February, Poppodium Victorie, Alkmaar
28 March, Café Lokaal, Heemskerk
10 June, Café Foots, Den Haag
20 June, Open Podium, INHolland, Amsterdam
26 June - 22 July, Tankahan (Jungle Lodge), Bukit Lawang (Green Hill Cottages) en Bukittinggi (Bedudal Cafe), Sumatra, Indonesia
13 September, Café Acoustique, on radio from Cafe 't Lokaal, Heemskerk
16 September, Czaar Peter Festival, Amsterdam
24 October, Restaurant Pino Divino, Amsterdam
11 November, Open Podium, de Vorstin, Hilversum
27 November, Open Mic, Jet Lounge, Amsterdam (Amsterdam Singer-Songwriters Guild)
6 December, Stichting Open Akoestisch Podium, 't Bierhuys, Woerden
19 December, Ontbijtshow  Radio Amsterdam FM
20 December, Muziekschool, Heemskerk

13 January, Open Popdium, de Vorstin, Hilversum
10 February, Open Popdium, de Vorstin, Hilversum
21 February, CREA Open Podium, Amsterdam
10 March, de Vorstin, Hilversum
16 March, Muziekcentrum Leiden Noord
30 March, Folkcafé de Lantaern, Zevenaar
11 April, Cafe 't Lokaal, Heemskerk (Café Acoustique, radio & television broadcasting)
14 april, de Vorstin, Hilversum, with Claudette Beltman, Hans Sligter and Marcel Luntungan
5 May, Podium X, Cafe Monfer de Mol, Den Haag
10 May, Provadja, Alkmaar
17 May, Buurtcentrum Morschwijck, Leiden
9 June, Akoestisch live, Cafe Cats, Zeist
27 June - 30 June The Hague International Singer-songwriters Festival:
   * Friday the 28th, Theater de Steeg, 
   * Saturday the 29th, Lokaal Vredebreuk and O'Casey's Bar,
   * Sunday the 30th, Cafe Ned Kelly and Lokaal Vredebreuk 
30 July, Jet Lounge, Open Mic, (ASG), Amsterdam
8 August, Benefit show  for the City Shine foundation, O' Casey's Cafe, The Hague
8 September, de Vorstin, Hilversum
13 September, The Chamber, Folkestone, England
21 September, De Mors Roadshow, Leiden
28 September, de Zwaan, Uitgeest
12 October, Cafe Skek, Amsterdam
6 November, Cafe Supermarkt, The Hague
23 November, Ned Kelly, The Hague
23/24 November, Benefitconcert for the victims in the Philipinnes, Humanity House The Hague
30 November, de Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam
13 December, a private gig at a businessmeeting, Amstelveen
21 December, Koffiehuis van den Volksbond, Amsterdam

18 January, a short performance during the Thissfest Awards, The Hague
25 January, Open Podium Almere
29 January, Muziekschool, Heemskerk
1 Februari, Koffiehuis van den Volksbond
9 February, Café 't Soldaatje, Voorhout
13 February, de Postkamer, Amsterdam
8 March, Koffiehuis van den Volksbond, Amsterdam
12 March, Cafe Lokaal, Heemskerk
28 March, Singer Songwriters Circle, Groningen
8 May, Café Acoustique, 't Lokaal, Heemskerk
30 May, Restaurant Anafora,  Maxima Park, Leidse Rijn, Vleuten
7 June, Koffiehuis van den Volksbond, Amsterdam
25 - 29 June, Thissfest, The Holland  International Singer Songwriters Festival  
8 August, Koffiehuis van den Volksbond, Amsterdam with American singer and songwriter Kathi Suprata
31 August, Winkelcentrum de Tuinen, Naaldwijk
14 September, Cafe Pollux, Amsterdam
25 September, Cafe Anne en Max, Alkmaar
1 November, release CD "On our way back home", Koffiehuis van den Volksbond, Amsterdam
16 Novenber, Universe Radio, Sunday Beauties, will be broadcast between 10 pm and midnight
22 November, Dorpshuis, Uitgeest
11 December, Cafe Acoustique, 't Lokaal Heemskerk (supporting act Some Kind of Fire Rose)

24 January, Cafe Langereis, Amsterdam
25 January, de Vorstin Hilversum
28 January, School of Music, Heemskerk (with Jacqueline van Lint)
1 February, Showcase, Radio Universe
22 March Cafe 't Soldaatje, Voorhout
12 April, Cafe/Bar, the Lantern, The Hague
29 May, Podium de Mors, Leiden,
14 June, Cafe Anno, Almere
26 June, Podium de Mors, Leiden with Jacqueline van Lint 
27 June, Pekmarkt, Amsterdam
1 July, School of Music, Heemskerk, with Jacqueline van Lint 
29 August, Pekmarkt, Amsterdam Noord, with Jacqueline van Lint 
26 September, Jacky's Choice, Dorpshuis de Zwaan, Uitgeest
15 October, Jacky's Choice, Cafe 't Lokaal, Heemskerk  (Cafe Acoustique)
20 October, Headliner (solo) during the "International Night" at The Path Cafe, New York, USA
8 November, Jacky's Choice, Cafe 2, Almere
12 November, Jacky's Choice, Cafe 't Lokaal, Heemskerk (tribute to Neil Young)
29 November, Jacky's Choice, de Vorstin, Hilversum

23 January, Jacky's Choice, Folkcafé, de Lantaern, Zevenaar
14 February, Jacky's Choice, Universe Radio, Sunday Beauties will be broadcast between 10 pm and midnight
20 March, Jacky's Choice, Max Cafe, Scheveningen
10 April, Jacky's Choice, De Oude School, Warmond
11 April, Jacky's Choice, private party, Hillegom
18 April, Jacky's Choice, RTV Seaport, Geurts op maandag, will be broadcast between 7 pm and 9 pm
28 May, Gasterij Meyershof, Summerfestival, Breestraat, Beverwijk
1 June, Jacky's Choice, Westergasterras, Amsterdam
17 June, Jacky's Choice, PX Singersongwritersguild, Volendam
30 June, Jacky's Choice, Mirror Paviljoen, Monnickendam
23 September, Jacky's Choice, Acoustic Stage, Grand Cafe Swins, Rockanje
5 October, Jacky's Choice, Westergasterras, Amsterdam
27 October, solo, cafe/restaurant Sonnevanck, Wijk aan Zee
28 October, Jacky's Choice, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

6 January, Jacky's Choice, koffiehuis van den Volksbond, Amsterdam
3 February, Jacky's Choice, cafe/restaurant Sonnevanck, Wijk aan Zee
2 March, Jacky's Choice, Zaal 100, Amsterdam
22 March, Jacky's Choice, Hannekes Boom, Amsterdam
15 April, Jacky's Choice private concert at Uitgeest
23 April, Jacky's Choice, Dorpsplein, Castricum
27 April, Jacky's Choice, Kingsday at cafe de Ceuvel, Amsterdam
2 June, Jacky's Choice, SWAN Noord on Tour, Dorpstraat 23, Castricum
22 June, Jacky's Choice, Podium Wierenga, Cafe Wierenga, Castricum
2 July, Jacky's Choice, Jutters Festival, Wijk aan Zee
15 July Jacky's Choice, Fête de la Musique, Castricum
17 July, Jacky's Choice, private party, Lijnden
1 october, Jacky's Choice, Gitarenfestival Beverwijk
27 october, Jacky's Choice, Cafe 't Voorom, Akersloot
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